This is a game made for Score Space Jam number 18 with the theme being magnetic. The general style is a shooter where your goal is to get the highest score possible with the limited number of lives you have. 

Score is gained by killing enemies and lost when one of your arrows get caught by a magnet. 

If you are playing the windows build you do not have to extract the zip file, but either way double click or run the file with the title of the game : Arrow Problem. Do not open any folder as they will not play the game.

Controls: WASD to move and the left mouse button to fire.

Note: The exit button does not work as that is intended for a Windows build. Also you will have to wait a couple seconds(roughly 5) until the leaderboard is enabled after you click the leaderboard button.

Further note: Enter your name before starting the game or viewing the leaderboard as otherwise your name will be a long number. Enter the user name that you have used once while playing to view your score if you visit this page another time as names are not saved yet.


Windows Final 28 MB

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